Now, in THE UNSUNG HERO, Brockmann has created her most unforgettable book yet — a poignant story of a love that will reveal hidden. There is a whole lineup of Suzanne Brockmann's Navy SEAL romances, and, in one of the most innovative moves of a romance writer, there's. For quite some time now, I've been seeing rave reviews for Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series, so I finally decided to pick up The Unsung Hero.


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I adored Joe, a caring, mild-mannered man both in the present and the past.


He is a loyal friend to Charles, but it took nearly the entire book for me to figure out why Joe would unsung hero suzanne brockmann to hang around with someone like him. Joe was also a very courageous young man to volunteer to be a spy behind enemy lines during the war.

I sympathized with Cybele because of the terrible tragedy she endured, but I didn't feel like it excused what she did to Charles and Joe, especially Joe, because he was such a good man who wanted nothing more than to love and protect her.

I admired her pluck in going up against the Nazis, but she was a serious psychological mess who sadly, only unsung hero suzanne brockmann to be living to see their downfall.

I also found it very depressing that Charles and Joe were both still affected so deeply by her actions that they had, in my opinion, essentially wasted their lives. The whole tale of these three unsung hero suzanne brockmann was an interesting one but also an extremely morose one.

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The final romance, and also my favorite, was that of Tom's young niece, Mallory, and a geeky comic book artist named David who wants her to model as his latest unsung hero suzanne brockmann character, Nightshade.

Suzanne Brockmann gets a few extra points for writing a true geek hero who actually looks and acts like many geeks I know. Intelligence is sexy to me, and not only is David smart, he's also very sweet unsung hero suzanne brockmann gentle. He takes the time to look beneath the surface with Mallory and break down the walls that hide her vulnerable heart, while behaving like a true gentleman.

David was my favorite character in the book, and the only thing about him that I even found questionable was his choice of friends.


It took me a while to warm up to Mallory, because she treats David rather rudely in the beginning. With every thoughtful little thing David did for her, I could see the wheels turning in her head, but even after she agrees to model for him, she could still be rather icy unsung hero suzanne brockmann condescending toward him.

It isn't until David comes to her rescue that she really starts to see him for what he truly is inside rather than just his nerdy exterior. At least, I can say that Mallory changed throughout the story, but she was the only character who really did, in my opinion.

Her romance with David was a sweet, tender one, and although a few days isn't very long to fall in love, I came away feeling like they had as much or better chance of still being together down the road as the "main" couple did. The suspense portion of the plot involving Tom's sighting of a presumed dead terrorist and his struggle to get anyone in authority to believe him was scattered throughout the book and led to a literally explosive finale.

And I also read of the millions of small acts of heroism, the intimate and remarkable stories of the ordinary men and woman who lived and breathed and fought in those places, whether they wanted to or not, men and women who made a difference and enabled the Allies to defeat Hitler and the Axis.

All those acts of heroism and bravery were often whittled unsung hero suzanne brockmann to a single, unremarkable sentence: It was his life, his secrets, his failures. Nearly sixty years of running from himself, from all his pain, all his heartache, and here he was.

The Unsung Hero - Book Review - The Hope Chest Reviews

unsung hero suzanne brockmann The main one is about Tom Paoletti and Kelly Ashton. Home is where his Great Uncle Joe is, and that is in a town near Boston, where he is the grounds keeper of the estate of his rich war buddy Charles Ashton.

Joe and Charles made it back home together after WW2 and have been best friends ever since.

Kelly Ashtom is Charles's doughtier and only child, who has come back home to take care of her dying father. It just so happens that Tom and Kelly had always unsung hero suzanne brockmann a thing for each-other, just never got it on.

Now they are older, have had some life behind them, and are very weary of starting anything with anyone They were the sexy-sizzling times couple.

The Unsung Hero

Do you know how this series will end? How attached do you get to your characters? How do you know when a story is finished?

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