Wallace Breem was a librarian and novelist. As a librarian he worked at the Inner Temple in London becoming its Librarian in As a novelist. About Wallace Breem: Wallace Wilfred Swinburne Breem was a British librarian and author, the Librarian and Keeper of Manuscripts of the Inner Temple Law. Wallace Breem (–) was a British librarian and author. He was the Librarian and Keeper of Manuscripts of the Inner Temple Law Library. His writing.


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Well, in a phrase, it's the lack of editing. Page wallace breem page of dialogue is wrecked by word repetition two cases of 'endless' in the same paragraph is one instance and the extreme overuse of adverbs.

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I'm no stranger to these wallace breem as an author, but when characters are, for example, saying 'lightly' and then within a sentence wallace breem two, saying 'bluntly', it all becomes too much. There was even one instance of a man inclining his head 'silently'.

Wallace Breem (Author of Eagle in the Snow)

As my editor once asked me, how else does someone incline their head? The editor's pen appears to have passed far too lightly wallace breem this novel.

As other reviewers have wallace breem, there's a lot to commend in the book - I particularly liked the uncertainty of the ending. To me, however, it feels like a draft of a novel wallace breem needed several more sweeps and rewrites before being ready to publish.


Three wallace breem a half stars out of five. Whereas the latter novel is a tense and gripping action-driven narrative about the last days of the Wallace breem Empire in the West, this one is a different beast entirely - and wallace breem the better for it.

Here, the protagonist Curtius Rufus drifts slowly into a deadly conspiracy which threatens the Roman state itself all the while Octavian Augustu There is an addictive quality to the writing in this novel that is in complete contrast to the addictive quality in his other Roman work - The Eagle in the Snow.


He eventually joined the library staff of the Inner Temple in London in This began a long and distinguished career at that institution; he was appointed Sub-Librarian inWallace breem inand Keeper of the Manuscripts in ?

He was its first Secretary and Treasurer —and later held the offices of Chairman —Vice-President —and President — He chaired its Publications Committee for eleven years — Breem died on 12th March ; the address at his funeral service was given by Alex Noel-Todd wallace breem 21st March He is fondly remembered by his colleages as a raconteur and a man of great character and integrity.

This is sponsored jointly by the Inner Temple and BIALL and wallace breem designed to recognise especially good contributions to law librarianship, or provide financial assistance for special research or other projects at doctorate level or above. The Award has been made biennially since

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