Pirelli provides its shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, all its stakeholders, and the general public with a channel to report any acts. In this policy 'Whistleblowing' means the reporting by employees of suspected misconduct, illegal acts or failure to act within the Council. The aim of this Policy is to encourage employees and others who have serious concerns about any aspect of the Council's work to come forward and voice those concerns. A whistleblower as defined by this policy is an employee of (Name of Company/Organization) who reports an activity that he/she considers to.


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Whistleblowing policy confidential reporting 1. Employees are often the first to realise that there whistleblowing policy be something seriously wrong within whistleblowing policy Council.

It is not disloyal to colleagues or the Council to speak up. The Council is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of service and the highest possible ethical standards in public life and in all of its practices.

Whistleblowing policy (confidential reporting)

To help achieve these standards it encourages freedom of speech. If you are considering raising a concern whistleblowing policy should read this Policy first.


whistleblowing policy What is the aim of the Policy whistleblowing policy when does it apply? Aims of the Policy The Policy is designed to ensure that you can raise your concerns about wrongdoing or malpractice within the Council without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination, disadvantage or dismissal.

It is also intended to encourage and enable you to raise serious concerns within the Council rather than ignoring a problem or 'blowing the whistle' outside. This Policy aims whistleblowing policy Scope of this Policy This Policy is intended to enable those who become aware of wrongdoing in the County Council affecting some other person or service, to report their concerns at the earliest opportunity so whistleblowing policy they can be properly investigated.

The Whistle Blowing Policy is not intended whistleblowing policy replace existing procedures: Who can raise a concern under this Policy? The Policy applies to all: What should be reported?


whistleblowing policy Any serious concerns that you whistleblowing policy about service provision or the conduct of officers or members of the Council or others acting on behalf of the Council that: These might relate to: This list is not exhaustive.

Protecting the Whistleblower 3. The Act makes it unlawful for the Council to dismiss anyone or allow them to be victimised on the basis that they have made an appropriate lawful disclosure in accordance with the Act.

Whistleblowing policy (confidential reporting) | Nottinghamshire County Council

Rarely, a case might arise where it is the employee that has participated in the action causing concern. The Council cannot promise not to act against such an employee, but the fact that they came forward may be taken into account. Harassment or Victimisation The Council is committed to good practice and high standards and whistleblowing policy being supportive of you as an employee.

The Council recognises that the decision to report a concern can be a whistleblowing policy one to make. If you honestly and reasonably believe what you are saying whistleblowing policy true, you should have nothing to fear because you will be doing your duty to your employer, your colleagues and those for whom you are providing a service.

  • 1. What is Whistleblowing?

The Council will not tolerate any harassment or victimisation of a whistleblower including informal pressures and will take appropriate action to protect you when you raise a concern in good faith and will treat this whistleblowing policy a serious disciplinary offence which will be dealt with under the disciplinary rules and procedure.

Support to you you will be given full support from senior management your concerns will be taken seriously, and the County Council will do all it can to help you throughout the investigation If appropriate, the Council will consider temporarily re-deploying you for the period of the investigation.

For those who are not County Council employees, the Council will whistleblowing policy to provide appropriate advice and support wherever possible.

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