Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove has never enjoyed the life of the pampered, protected life girls of wealth were expected to follow in nineteenth century. Wildthorn by Jane Eagland There, she's committed but instead of Louisa Cosgrove, everyone calls her Lucy Childs. And the more she protests. Book Review: Wildthorn by Jane Eagland. I enjoy reading about leading ladies as much as the next leading lady. However, I do prefer reading.


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You know, cathartic things.


And don't think for a second that we wouldn't all meet each other in a place like that if the times were different. So going into wildthorn jane eagland book my inner feminist was ramped up. I've read about asylums from back then and I knew how horrible they were but you don't often hear stories from the patient's perspective.

The story starts wildthorn jane eagland you don't know if Louisa really is sick or not.

Book Review: Wildthorn by Jane Eagland – The Owl and the Reader

The way she talks, acts, she seems perfectly fine. True, the insane don't wildthorn jane eagland know they're insane but you're in her head and it doesn't seem so crazy in there.


The only thing that kept me legitimately questioning wildthorn jane eagland sanity was the name issue. She was admitted as Lucy Childs but she kept insisting her name was Louisa Cosgrove. That kept me questioning for a long time. The closer the story got to the reveal, the more obvious it got and honestly, I like the twist the story took at that wildthorn jane eagland.

Without giving too much away, it highlights an issue that I'm sure was thoroughly ignored during that time despite it actually being in existence. Her mother dispatches her to family friends, but Louisa wildthorn jane eagland arrives. Instead, she is taken to Wildthorn Hall, an insane asylum.

She is the main cause of Louisa beginning to wildthorn jane eagland herself and thinking that someone is trying to drive her mad. I really found myself rooting wildthorn jane eagland her and wanting her to actually be able to pursue her dream.

I especially loved the way she used her knowledge of science during her various attempts to escape. The horrible truth is that even today, one can be incarcerated for expressing their feelings.

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Eagland has really brought the injustices of the time into perspective. Louisa — she is kind, loving, brave, smart, and ready to fight for what she believes in — even if it means getting locked up in an wildthorn jane eagland and chained to a dirty bed.

This example of the male dominance and lawlessness in Victorian times is saddening to read, but the book never loses its ultimate hope of justice. Perhaps the novel's greatest strength is wildthorn jane eagland well-drawn characters that push the narrative along.

I particularly found fascinating Mrs Cosgrove, whose suffering under society's pressure and struggle to find the daughter she wanted inside the daughter she had, is gripping.

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

Wildthorn jane eagland wish Jane Eagland had written more about her. The only problem I had with the novel was how Louisa seemed to drift through her sexual identity crisis.

Considering the context, she seemed wildthorn jane eagland have no qualms about being a lesbian, and was remarkably open and decisive about it despite living in a scandal-dependant and untrustworthy home. However, the romance between Louisa and Eliza is truly touching and a sweet subplot to the rather harrowing portrayal of asylum life.

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