The WISC-IV, with norms based on responses from children, is applicable .. test is the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Revised Form (WISC-R). Preparation Workbook for the Wisc-IV Test by Test Tutor Publishing (English) Pap Vintage 's Kit of Wechsler Intelligene Scales Children-R (WISC-R IQ. study aimed to determine whether there were differences between WISC-R and WISC-IV scores, and our data showed that there were significant differences.


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The Verbal Comprehension scale subtests are described below: Vocabulary — primary, FSIQ examinee is asked to define a provided word Information secondary — general knowledge questions.

Comprehension — secondary questions about social situations or common concepts. The VCI is an overall measure of verbal concept formation the child's ability to verbally reason and is influenced by semantic knowledge. These subtests are as follows: Block Design primary, FSIQ — children put wisc r wisc iv red-and-white blocks in a pattern according to a displayed model.

This is timed, and some of the more difficult puzzles award bonuses for speed. Visual Puzzles primary — children view a puzzle in a stimulus book and choose from among pieces of which three could construct the puzzle.

Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)

The VSI is a measure of visual spatial processing. The Fluid Reasoning scale subtests are described below: Matrix Reasoning primary, FSIQ — children are shown an array of pictures with one missing square, and select the picture that fits the array from five options.

Figure Weights primary, FSIQ — children view a stimulus book that pictures shapes on a scale or scales with one empty side and select the choice that keeps the scale balanced. Picture Concepts secondary — children are provided with a series of pictures presented in rows either two or three rows and asked to determine which pictures go together, wisc r wisc iv from each row.

IQ's Corner: Wechsler, WAIS-III, WAIS-R, WISC-R, WISC-III, WISC-IV, WPPSI, etc bibliography

Arithmetic secondary — orally administered arithmetic questions. The FRI is a measure of inductive and quantitative reasoning.

The Working Memory scale's subtests are as follows: Digit Span primary, FSIQ — children are given wisc r wisc iv of numbers orally and asked to repeat them, as heard and in reverse order.

Picture Span primary — children view pictures in a stimulus book and select from options to indicate the pictures they saw, in wisc r wisc iv if possible. Similar subtests are then combined into Primary Index Scales that have a mean of and standard deviation of These numbers help determine the classification for performance.

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Classification of performance for scaled index scores are as follows: Below Average — wisc r wisc iv score below wisc r wisc iv Low Average — standard score 80 to 89 Average — 90 to High Average — to Superior — to Very Superior — above Clinicians use this test for many different reasons and may report all or only some scores.

Nevertheless, the following will cover the standard measures offered by the WISC-V, the most recent version of this assessment. It should be noted that there are a number of other analyses beyond the scope of this writing that clinicians may report.


How the WISC is Administered The fifth version of this test is done individually with the child and clinician and can be done in standard paper-and-pencil administration or on a tablet, digital format.

This test includes a total of 16 wisc r wisc iv however, the standard number of subtests given is 7.

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The removal of the Information subtest from the core battery reduces the contribution of crystallized knowledge to the FSIQ.

The addition of Picture Concepts wisc r wisc iv Matrix Reasoning subtests results in a much stronger element of fluid reasoning. One additional processing speed subtest was added to the core battery SS. Gifted students tend not to score as high on processing speed subtests relative to other indices, perhaps due to an approach to problem solving that stresses accuracy over speed of performance.

States and other regulatory bodies may update their terminology in wisc r wisc iv near future.

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