The Xbox One is a fairly large black box. The new controller is a refinement of the existing Xbox controller though Microsoft says there are. Microsoft's Xbox will unveil a new version of Kinect, a Blu-ray drive, and an A/V port for watching and recording broadcast TV, at least. From the "Xbox " name, to a "Durango" codename, Microsoft has kept fairly quiet on its official plans for an Xbox successor. That all.


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And unlike at the PlayStation 4 reveal, we bet that Microsoft will show what the console actually looks like when its revealed.

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Good news for potential consumers, but it also means the many fan-created pieces of concept art for the system will soon be obsolete. So, before the work of these console dreamers is obsolete, we found a number of next-gen Xbox designs that probably look nothing like the final version of the system.

Some are more plausible than others, but before reality intrudes, take a look at these mockups xbox world xbox 720 feel free to imagine a system like any these under your TV.

New Xbox release date, specs and price

The see-thru Who needs a touch xbox world xbox 720, second screen, or share button when you have the gaming equivalent of a glass bottom boat? According to these sources, achievements will be substantially revamped, and will be much more socially-focused.

Firstly, new achievements will be able to be added to games without the need for DLC, presumably through a standard, automatic title update. Rewards can be tied to whole events, instead of singular actions, even spanning communal tasks, such xbox world xbox 720 team-based efforts, or contributing to an overall score.


Achievements will also cross-title, meaning some could be earned by completing specific tasks in two more more games, with the Xbox able to track this, even if games are totally unrelated but published xbox world xbox 720 the same company.

It's believed that Microsoft is also toying with cross-platform achievements, which may use websites as an intermediary of sorts.

Of course, this will likely involve the PC, as we doubt Sony and MS would team up given the competition.

Xbox Mockup Appears on Xbox World Magazine

Social networking will be even more of a focus this generation. With the making inroads with its various apps, the next Xbox world xbox 720 will take this further. Microsoft wants Xbox Live to function much more like Twitter or Facebook in the way it handles friends.

Rather than the one-on-one friend network now in place, people would be able to follow other gamers. The friend cap will also be removed.

23 Xbox mockups that probably got it wrong | GamesRadar+

With Sony announcing the video recording and sharing capabilities of the PS4 recently in the DualShock xbox world xbox 720 reveal, Microsoft is, according to these rumours, also keen to offer the same functionality.

The new Xbox will have DVR-like functions and be able to record gameplay footage, which can then be edited and uploaded to sites like YouTube.

As well as this manual editing, it'll also be possible for the Xbox to record specific moments, such as grabbing achievements, or particularly impressive in-game actions. The much-debated always on requirement xbox world xbox 720 be present, but will not be as much of a problem as many fear.

It'll mostly come into play for apps, such as video streaming and music tiles.

However, it could also be employed as a form of DRM should a publisher choose to use it, rather than a requirement for each and every game. Whether this DRM will be a one-time check or a constant requirement isn't known at this time.

The new console will run on an OS based on the core version of Windows 8, and will include a Blu-ray drive. The online connectivity issue xbox world xbox 720 still a little murky, but Thurrott's blog states that the system, whilst it requires an online connection, won't be as 'Draconian' as many seem to xbox world xbox 720.

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