Yahuah's calendar has no extra months in a year. There are only 29 days in His months. We must also keep in mind that Yahuah's ways are. 1) Is the Scriptural Calendar SOLAR, LUNAR, or [both] SOLAR & LUNAR, or is the daily, . Pray that Father Yahuah (YHUH) will protect all children from being. Beginning in , Our Heavenly Father Yahuah began to teaching His Servant Moshe Eliyahu, His True Calendar from the His Word Alone. He did not learn.


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Hebrew Calendar -

But since the roman year begins yahuah calendar winter and the Scriptural Year begins in the spring at Abib, a Scriptural Year will span two roman year dates.

We have also left some the past year years calendars yahuah calendar for those who may want to review them in their studying.


And we have posted even older calendars for the first yahuah calendar. If you look yahuah calendar past years, you will quickly notice how the format and look of the calendar changed over time, as we learned how to make them Easier to Read and Understand.

Yahuahs True Calendar Proven By His Word

Here's what the crescent New Moon looks like: Here's a close-up view of the new crescent: Since months going by lunar phases lasted either 29 or 30 days, even if it was cloudy and they couldn't find the moon on the 29th day, they knew it would have to be there on the 30th.

Why, that's simple enough that even a little child could understand it! That's the Creator's way yahuah calendar doing things. Leave it up to man to complicate matters! Since Babylonian times, some began using the conjunction or dark phase of the moon, saying this was the yahuah calendar day of the month.

It comes complete with even more complications called "postponements.


The thing is, Yahuah calendar says we're to hold His Feast Days when He says to hold them, not before or after! If you arrive a day later than a scheduled doctor appointment, the doctor won't see you. If you're a day late for an appointment with Yahuah, He's not there!

Looking at a modern calendar today, you'll notice it looks nothing like Yahuah's yahuah calendar calendar.

Yahuah's 29 Day Calendar

In observing those modern calendars which actually show the moon's phases, you'll notice there's no consistency to them. Here's what a yahuah calendar calendar should look like: There is no other name yahuah calendar heaven by which we can be saved.

Which is not true.

But there is a very easy yahuah calendar simple way to know and pronounce the Father's name. It is astonishing how many distorted names that the Almighty and the Messiah are called by.


With the hybrid forms of Jehovah, Yahweh and Yahvah we can quickly check to see that the yahuah calendar come over time because the value of the letters of the alphabet have changed. For instance, the letter J developed from the Roman letter I during the middle ages and at one time even was the same letter.

The same can be said for the letter U and W which both are derived from the Roman letter V yahuah calendar originally yahuah calendar an "oo" or "uu" sound. Yeshua yod, shin, vav, ayin is a short form of Yahushua.

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All the different forms, variations and substitutes can be traced back in time.

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