Yvert & Tellier French stamp catalogue (in French) The year is a great vintage for this new edition of Volume 1 of the catalog of French Stamps. Just open. A stamp catalog is an indispensable tool for a stamp collector. Information We proudly feature catalogues from Michel, Yvert et Tellier, AFA and more. We also. The cover of Yvert & Tellier - Champion's Catalogue of Postage Stamps Yvert et Tellier is a postage stamp dealer and a philatelic publishing company founded in   ‎Products · ‎History · ‎Genesis and · ‎Genealogy of the Yvert.


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They are all multi-volume publications. Nothing suggests that any of them makes any attempt whatsoever to provide information consistent with any of the others.

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The information on any one can completely contradict the information on the others, and often does. All of these catalogues have been produced in many editions, and some degree of consistency is maintained between successive editions.


Users should be aware, however, that correction and updating of information is common. Click on any image below to view a high-res version Catalogs Catalogs are essential tools for stamp collectors.

New stamp catalogues and coin catalogues

They tell us what is available to be collected, how to identify it, and what it is worth. Each publishes THE specialized catalog, usually issued yearly, for stamps of its native country, plus yvert tellier stamp catalogue world-wide catalogs in its language, perhaps issued less frequently.


In addition, there are specialized catalogs published in most of the other major countries of the world, such as the Edifil catalogs for Spain, and the Unitrade catalog for Canada.

The difference between a general yvert tellier stamp catalogue and a specialized catalog is mainly the level of detail. A General Catalog lists only the primary version of each stamp, with little information about errors, varieties, price yvert tellier stamp catalogue cover, FDC, cancels, Plate Blocks, etc.

The Specialized Catalogue includes all of those. The General Catalogue is aimed at the collector who wants to fill the spaces in his or her album, and is not interested in an exhaustive collection of every possible variety and format.

The Specialized Catalogue is aimed at the specialist, someone who wants to know and own every variety and nuance of every stamp. The Scott yvert tellier stamp catalogue catalog listings for US issues yvert tellier stamp catalogue US take up 74 pages, while the Specialized listings for that same period take up pages.

If we focus on the listings for stamps issued prior tothere are 27 pages in the Specialized, and 7 in the General, reflecting the fact that it is the early stamps of the world that have the most varieties and usages.

Specialized Catalog values usually reflect Market Value, i. Note that I say "of the specified condition", since as I observed earlier see Q is for Qualitythe relative condition of a stamp can affect its value hugely, so a catalog will explain in its introductory text the exact criteria, such as gum condition and centering, that apply to its valuations.

World Stamp Catalogue - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Generalized catalog values, since they are updated less yvert tellier stamp catalogue, are more likely to be "Relative Values", i. A generalized catalog usually lists only the postage stamps of each country, while a specialized catalog will have as well sections for other varieties of government-issued stamps and postage, such as postal stationery, Revenue stamps, parcel post, etc.

The Key explains all the elements of the listings, which are highly abbreviated, to conserve space.


The date of issue and a brief description of the stamp are followed by a reproduction of the design, beneath which are its "Catalog Number", Face Value, and several "Catalog Values". The value of a "mint" stamp is generally much greater than the value of a used stamp, so at least those two will be listed in both generalized and Specialized catalogs, while the Specialized may list as yvert tellier stamp catalogue values especially for earlier issues based on whether it has gum or not, or whether yvert tellier stamp catalogue not is is hinged.

The Specialized catalog lists additionally values for all the different varieties of color and design that are common for earlier stamp issues. During the s and s, Yvert prepared his two sons and his son-in-law to run the firm.

Alphabetilately: Y is for Yvert & Tellier

Pierre Yvert's and Jean Gervais' two grandsons have run the company since the s. Yvert has been fighting on two fronts: Nevertheless, in Marchby urging of the French Conseil de la concurrence, Yvert agreed to sell the use of the Yvert stamp numbers to other publishers.

Genealogy of the Yvert family[ edit ] The Yvert printing company and Yvert yvert tellier stamp catalogue Tellier editor have been ruling mostly by members of the Yvert family.

yvert tellier stamp catalogue

This family tree presents the people who managed these two companies since they were found in the 19th century.

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